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The Chinese Economy: Transitions and Growth

The Chinese Economy: Transitions and Growth

The Chinese Economy: Transitions and Growth by Barry Naughton

The Chinese Economy: Transitions and Growth

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The Chinese Economy: Transitions and Growth Barry Naughton ebook
Format: pdf
ISBN: 0262140950, 9781429455343
Page: 504

China's defense Economic growth is slowing; as the World Bank and others have argued, China must undergo an economic transition to a more sustainable development model that will necessarily require political reform. Transition towards China's growth model being driven by consumer spending will give rise to much greater volatility when it comes to managing the economy and bring about a step-change down in the rates of GDP growth. The country's balance sheet continues to deteriorate – and the most recent growth spurt implies faster deterioration – and this, ultimately, is the main constraint of the Chinese growth model." SHCOMP vs HSI or Industrial Output vs Doing so of course will only make the adjustment longer and more painful, but given how difficult politically the transition to a balanced economy is likely to be, we would be crazy to expect otherwise. Independent news, analysis and commentary on the world's most exciting economy . Provided the Chinese slowdown is not for the time being, a threat to the planet. Product Description This comprehensive overview of the modern Chinese economy by a noted expert on China's economic development offers a quality and breadth of coverage not found in any other English-language text. Naughton, Barry, 2007, The Chinese Economy Transitions and Growth, Boston, Massachusetts: MIT Press. Since its departure from Communism and the liberalization of its economy, China has experienced extremely high economic growth rates, raised hundreds of millions of people out of poverty, and has become a central component of the global economy due to its high degree of integration and essential role in the supply chain (Sachs, 2005, 165-169). These agreements will tear down tariff and non-tariff trade barriers to American goods and services, achieve far greater transparency in China's regulatory practices, and enable the United States to benefit from the economic dynamism of Asia - the new "engine" for global growth. Donald Gross discusses China's political transition and its effect on Sino-US relations. I think of China's growth model as merely a more muscular version of the Japanese or East Asian growth model, which is itself partly based on the American experience. As China accumulated economic and strategic clout, its neighbors benefited from its rapid GDP growth, which spurred their own economies. China's growing military capabilities now threaten to upset that order in ways that, ironically, could complicate China's security environment at the same time as slowing economic growth intensifies its internal challenges.

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